Holistic Health Coaching

Book a FREE first consultation with our amazing founder, Mia Morrison, a certified holistic health coach. Our one-on-one coaching program will help you to find a nutrition and exercise plan that suits your own needs, improve mental health, stay accountable, improve your relationships, and transform your life for the better.

Poppy Wellness Membership

Poppy Wellness aims to bring every aspect of wellness into one holistic platform.


Pilates, strength training and resistance workouts that you can do anywhere.


Countless delicious healthy recipes designed to nourish the body and satisfy the soul.

Yoga flows

Yoga sequences for strength, flexibility, relaxation and connection.

Other resources

Guided meditations, journal prompts for healing and blog posts to deepen your wellness journey.

Learn about gut-health, sleep, hormones, nervous system regulation, nutrition and more.

  • Janet W.

    As someone who travels a lot, Poppy Wellness has been an amazing tool to stay fit and healthy from any location. It is user-friendly and keeps me motivated.

  • Hannah S.

    I love all of the workouts and delicious recipes that Poppy Wellness provides! It has helped me to lose weight, clear my skin and feel better than ever before.

  • Faith B.

    Poppy Wellness has improved my mental health and energy levels. I have learnt to look after myself properly and to love my body. I highly recommend this amazing platform.

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