What we stand for

At Poppy Wellness, we are devoted to creating a community passionate about health and wellness. We aim to provide all the resources you need to look, act and feel your absolute best. We allow you to explore health, fitness, beauty, psychology, and self-improvement through expert guided resources. Join our thriving community of empowered women, embracing natural and effective strategies for personal growth. Join us today and embark on your own transformative journey, unlocking a more fulfilling tomorrow with Poppy Wellness.

Our founder

Hi! I'm Mia Morrison, the founder and CEO of Poppy Wellness, a certified holistic health coach, yoga teacher, psychology student, and health expert.

I created Poppy Wellness to help women around the world feel their best holistically, looking at mind, body and spirit. I am passionate about helping you to achieve your goals, and I welcome you to join our community to level up your life!

Our writers

Every writer has been hand selected to write on their expertise, some of which include functional medicine, nutrition, fitness, psychology, skincare, and more.

Our trainers

We have a team of highly qualified trainers guiding your workouts and yoga flows. They include experts in yoga, pilates, HIIT, weight training, Zumba, barre, and more.